Technological risks
that Blockchain can improve
in the HealthTech industry
Ineffective patient reception
Low security of patient information
Storing mainly by paper
Lack of transparency
Lack of linkage between departments
Unknown pharmaceutical origin

VBC’s solutions applying Blockchain technology can be implemented in the HealthTech Industry

Covid-19 test records (
VBC provides a solution of Covid-19 test records verified by Blockchain technology, helping each individual to self-store, manage theirSARS-CoV-2 test records on the smartphone and export the SAR-CoV-2 test certificate by scanning a QR code.
IoT-enabled Blockchain devices
Blockchain allows access to an ecosystem of data received from IoT devices at hospital drugstores, updating drug storage conditions in real time to ensure quality, and manage the medical equipment systems without a regular monitoring unit.
Blockchain Integration
VBC integrates Blockchain technology into patient and doctor information management systems to track the number of patients and responsible doctors in a specific time.
Pharmaceutical Traceability
VBC provides a pharmaceutical traceability solution on the Blockchain platform, helping hospital and pharmacy systems to verify the origin of drugs through the QR code printed on the packaging, which ensures supply of standard drugs for the patient.
Smart Admission System
VBC builds Blockchain applications to support patients to register for the examination and test schedules on digital forms to help speed up the process of receiving patients directly at the hospital, and streamline the schedule of appointments with the doctor in charge, which ensures the progress of medical examination and treatment at the hospital during the day.
Patient data storage and security
Set up a Blockchain system to store patient data with high security, a private security key only allows patients to change personal information on healthcare applications.

Benefits of Blockchain technology for the HealthTech industry

Speed up the Covid-19 testing process of hospitals and health centers through Covid-19 test records (
Support uniformly and efficiently locating conditions and treatments by tracking all departments on a single patient record.
Secure information with a private key, which allows only patients to access it, limits the ability to search and access to abuse of personal information.
Improve the quality of genuine, standard pharmaceuticals provided at pharmacies and hospitals.