Vietnam Blockchain Corporation Share about the application of blockchain technology in financial transparency at Block Plus III conference in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City, September 15, 2019 – Vietnam Blockchain Corporation (VBC), subsidiary of Infinity Blockchain Labs, shared about the new application of blockchain technology in financial transparency at the World Blockchain Forum Vietnam. 


Discussion topics related to emerging technologies, decentralized networks, challenges of global jurisdiction, the context of blockchain, the value of blockchain, cross-border payments and legal provisions. This event is aimed at the elite in Fintech industry from managers, leading international companies, financial institutions, blockchain companie consulting and law firm to share valuable insights on Fintech’s current development as well as decentralized finance.

The event took place in HCMC, gathered more than 300 attendees and leading experts, speakers in the field of Blockchain, Fintech in Vietnam and internationally as well as a large number of investors in the world. The event was attended by a regulatory body – Mr. Dharmasri Kumaratun, Director of FinTech at Sri Lanka Central Bank, as well as industry leaders like Ms. Cynthia Wu, Senior Vice President and Head of Custody at Matrixport, Mr. Rajkumar Kanagasingam, President of Sri Lanka’s FinTech Association, Mr. Noah Wang, CFO, CMO and TOP Network co-founder, and Mr. Alexandre Kech, CEO of Onchain Custodian .

Discussion topics related to emerging issues of blockchain technology

The conference focused on exchanging and discussing about the application of 4.0 technology, artificial intelligence into management, investment and system development. In particular, it also helps investors to accurately identify Blockchain projects, discuss and plan the development trend of Blockchain, the application of Blockchain in economic sectors… 


With the discussion session titled “The position of Blockchain”, Mr. Đỗ Văn Long, Director of Vietnam Blockchain Corporation and Region Chief Strategy Officer, Infinity Blockchain Labs, shared about the applicability of Blockchain for financial transparency activities. He explained that blockchain technology applications in finance operate based on a common ground of information transparency. However, this information management and storage needs to be accumulated along the value chain, which must involve the participation of all parties in the chain, making the information objective, authentic and transparent. Mr. Long shared that information is the most important factor, so every company needs tools to manage its trading and information activities.

Mr. Do Van Long, Director of Vietnam Blockchain Corporation, shared at the event

Commenting on the subject “Is Libra cryptocurrency widely accepted?” Mr. Long said that this is a cross-border transaction involving finance so it is necessary to comply with the legal framework of the Central Bank of each country, therefore it takes time to properly prepare and meet the requirements of each country when allowed to deploy.

Also during the event, Mr. Sheldon Xia, Founder and CEO of BitMart, launched the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange –, will also participate in the summit in dialogue with keynote speakers on the topic “How the traditional digital trading platform can adapt in the new era of DeFi and FinTech”.

BitMart Labs, an international Blockchain incubator established by BitMart, organized Block Plus III Conference 2019 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Other co-organizers are KaidiaChain, a blockchain platform that is scalable and interoperable between decentralized applications, DeWolfe, a leading securities tokenization company, Genesis Group, a leading financial institution in the field of providing full services to businesses in the blockchain industry and Sri Lanka’s Fintech Association (FASL).





Vietnam Blockchain Corporation – VBC

Vietnam Blockchain Corporation (VBC) is a technology company providing blockchain solutions and services in Agriculture, Manufacture, Supply Chain, Logistics, E-Commerce, Fintech, Sharing Economy, Public Services, and Smart City. VBC aims to power Vietnam in becoming a Blockchain Country & Expert Hub. VBC, formerly Vietnam Blockchain Country, is a subsidiary of Infinity Blockchain Labs (IBL)


Infinity Blockchain Labs (IBL)

Infinity Blockchain Labs Co., Ltd. (IBL) is a company that researches and develops Blockchain technology with a commitment to promote social development with future technologies. With the leading position of the blockchain ecosystem in Vietnam and global market coverage, IBL aims to become an R&D unit that brings future technology into practical applications for existing businesses and daily life. Proud to be honored in the top 10 blockchain technology solution providers of 2018 by APAC CIO Outlook, more than 200 


BitMart Labs

BitMart Labs is an international blockchain incubation platform launched by the world’s leading digital asset trading platform – BitMart. BitMart cooperates with the world’s leading funds in providing a range of powerful services, including technical and marketing solutions for high quality projects, to help develop and nurture potential projects. BitMart Labs is oriented to select quality projects with the most stringent standards and take them to the next level.

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Vietnam Blockchain Corporation – VBC

Address: 5th Floor, Flemington Building, 182 Le Dai Hanh, Ward 15, District 11, TP. HCM

Hotline: (+84) 0377 887 403




Representative: Mr. Do Van Long

Director – Vietnam Blockchain Corporation

Regional Chief Strategy Officer – Infinity Blockchain Labs


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