Vietnam Blockchain Corporation won the title “Typical products and services of Ho Chi Minh City” in 2019

Ho Chi Minh City, October 12, 2019 – Vietnam Blockchain Corporation (VBC), proudly awarded the title of “Typical products and services of Ho Chi Minh City” in 2019 by the Ho Chi Minh City Business Association (HUBA). The ceremony was held on October 12, 2019 at Vinpearl Luxury Landmark 81 with the participation of more than 300 representatives of businesses, members of the Business Association and journalists.

On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Vietnamese Businessman’s Day, HUBA organizes two main activities which are the poll for the title “Typical products and services in Ho Chi Minh City” in 2019 and congratulating enterprises for their business operation and sustainable development for over 30 years. After nearly two months (from June 26, 2019 to August 15, 2019), it has been launched and widely deployed to Association member enterprises and business community in Ho Chi Minh City, The organizers have selected 147 typical products and services in 2019, including 105 products and 42 services selected from 108 businesses. In which, there are 9 enterprises of science and technology achieved this title, with 14 products and 2 participating services.

Representative of Vietnam Blockchain Corporation honored awarded “Typical products and services in Ho Chi Minh City” in 2019

The poll for “Typical products and services of Ho Chi Minh City” held by Ho Chi Minh City Business Association every two years for the purpose of discovering, brand promotion for products and services of the business, serving the goal of developing major brands of the City, At the same time, honor enterprises with typical products and services, thereby, creating great motivation for the city’s businessmen and entrepreneurs to continue to overcome all challenges and challenges to rise up and integrate and build the city together..

Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Hung – Permanent Vice Chairman, General Secretary of HUBA, shared “For more than two years, products and services of businesses in Ho Chi Minh City has continued to affirm its position in the domestic market and HUBA will always accompany businesses to continue Vietnamese products to fly higher, fly further.”

The award is the result of the evaluation and selection of the best units with innovative solutions applying blockchain technology. With the desire to reach out to the world, Vietnam Blockchain Corporation set itself a direction to develop blockchain technology solutions for Vietnam market and bringing these solutions to the problems of everyday life. With this strategy, the company has contributed to positive development in the economy, environment, society and community, making Vietnam Blockchain Corporation one of 9 science and technology enterprises to achieve the title “Typical products and services in Ho Chi Minh City” in 2019.


Mr. Do Van Long, Director of Vietnam Blockchain Corporation and Regional Strategy Director, Infinity Blockchain Labs, shared, “We are very proud to be one of nine science and technology enterprises to be honored in the award of the “Typical Products and Services of Ho Chi Minh City” in 2019. This is a testament to the relentless efforts of our staff and a comprehensive and sustainable development strategy to provide blockchain technology solutions for everyday life.”

Mr. Do Van Long, Director of Vietnam Blockchain Corporation, received the award of “Typical products and services in Ho Chi Minh City” in 2019

Mr. Do Van Long also shared the achievements of Vietnam Blockchain Corporation in applying blockchain technology to life, particularly in agriculture, elections, and digital identifiers. The blockchain solutions being implemented in Vietnam are traceability of agricultural products along the value chain called “Agridential”, Smart Election “Smart Ballot” and Identify “Self-Sovereign Identity”.

VBC applies blockchain technology to agriculture to fundamentally improve its ability to manage, monitor, produce and process agricultural products through the value chain.One of VBC’s products, called Agridential, is a value chain traceability solution based on the blockchain technology standard GS1. Agridential has been successfully deployed for more than 20 agricultural products throughout the country, typically My Xuong and Dong Thap mangoes are exported to the US market.

Giao diện Agridential

Besides Agridential, VBC is researching and developing two more projects which are ‘Smart Ballot’ and ‘Self Sovereign Identity’. Smart Ballot of Vietnam Blockchain Corporation is the pioneer blockchain application of voting solutions to improve the traditional voting method. Smart Ballot makes the voting process simple, fast, accurate and free of any party manipulation. The Self-Sovereign Identity solution utilizes blockchain technology in digital identification to replace the traditional customer identification method by manual method of face-to-face meetings. With this solution, governments, banks and financial institutions can save time, money and manpower by building a transparent management system, safe and reliable to serve the community. Self-Sovereign Identity is being applied to the project “Blockchain solution to solve the problems of workers”. Blockchain technology will be applied to protect workers’ rights and interests and to enhance the project’s reputation in supporting workers..



Vietnam Blockchain Corporation – VBC

Vietnam Blockchain Corporation (VBC) is a technology company providing blockchain solutions and services in Agriculture, Manufacture, Supply Chain, Logistics, E-Commerce, Fintech, Sharing Economy, Public Services, and Smart City. VBC aims to power Vietnam in becoming a Blockchain Country & Expert Hub. VBC, formerly Vietnam Blockchain Country, is a subsidiary of Infinity Blockchain Labs (IBL)

Contact information

Vietnam Blockchain Corporation – VBC

Address: 5th Floor, Flemington Building, 182 Le Dai Hanh, Ward 15, District 11, TP. HCM

Hotline: (+84) 0377 887 403



Representative: Mr. Do Van Long

Director – Vietnam Blockchain Corporation

Regional Chief Strategy Officer – Infinity Blockchain Labs


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