Technological risks
that Blockchain can improve
in the Manufacturing industry
Ineffective management
Outdated method
Lack of transparency
Sparse Manufacturing chain
Inefficient data exchange

VBC’s solutions applying Blockchain technology can be implemented in the Manufacturing Industry

Custom factory management software
Blockchain proves permanent digital records of materials, parts, and products, enables end-to-end visibility management, and provides a single, consistent source of truth for all participants. chain consisting of several participants with independent IT systems.
IoT-enabled Blockchain devices
Upgrading machinery with IoT support, automating quality checks and logging measurements directly into the Blockchain, which allows access to the time and location of moving parts to make sure repairs are done on time.
Blockchain Integration
Integrating Blockchain technology into equipment management software, production machinery. Setting up digital measurements into a Blockchain record, which helps track health and consumption to automate service request activation, and create smart contracts for a job or for a replacement part.
Protecting Critical Intellectual Property
Blockchain helps prove intellectual property rights in decisions about whether to manufacture parts in-house or buy them from a supplier, limiting patent disputes.
Transparent Materials Supply Chain Solution
Increasing visibility of processes from raw material sources, manufacturing plants, monitoring units to output distribution, Blockchain can enable a whole new manufacturing business model.

Benefits of Blockchain technology for the Manufacturing industry

Eliminate input quality control by suppliers, reducing evaluation of machine equipment manufacturers.
Provide full transparency and complete documentation to customers about the quality of their processes and products without an operating center on the IT platform.
Automate the process of recording, storing the production process, making transactions and checking product quality.